My goal

is to help all public places organize their lost and found the management and save time when working with information.

Now what are you doing

Now Currently I'm working on smartfind it full time and improving the product.

From The Founder

Being the founder of smartfind allowed me a unique opportunity. It allowed me to dream…

Although I didn’t know if the dream would come true, I believed it would. I also realized that achieving the vision to the fullest would be a journey that would never end because SmartFind is alive and will continue to develop.

SmartFind will continue to grow, always keeping an eye on the lost and found items. Stay tuned!
Best Regards,
Gökhan Doğan
Founder & Web developer

Short History

Smartfind founded to help lost and found items, and it still shapes the way ı motivation today.

  1. I dreamed of doing this project


    In my mind the project details started to become clearer, I took the first steps and started the development process.

  2. End of 2019


    How long it took smartfind project to develop? It ended about 7 months after the initial coding.

  3. So what’s next?


    Pandemic. Covid-19. I'm confused and sorry. I postponed the smartfind launch for a while.

  4. Let’s go work for marketing actions!!


    I believe Smartfind will be very successful in 2021. Together with my all customers.